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We adopted Iggy today, and are very excited to be bringing him into our family alongside a previous rescue, G from the Alphabet Litter! This experience, just like our first experience with this rescue was absolutely amazing. The staff are so incredibly caring and dedicated to their work, they remembered G and talked about how good she looked at an event we attended this summer with them! This rescue does so much amazing work and still loves and cherishes every paw-baby they get in, even though they rescue hundreds a year. This rescue is the only rescue we will be using for any future dogs we decide to take in and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dog. They take such great care of these animals and pride in what they do. We couldn't have asked for two better dogs or a better organization to get them from. Looking forward to the next RMPR event we can attend to show the fosters Iggy and G as they grow up with us! Thank you so much.

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