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Pet Care and Animal Behavior

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue’s online library for pet owners. We hope you find these links helpful. Please remember that not all solutions will work for all pets. Every pet is unique, and a professional trainer or animal behaviorist may be the best solution for you. Your animal behavior can tell you exactly what they are needing. We encourage you to call a professional behaviorist or certified professional dog trainer and not use a veterinarian for questions about training. Thank you for caring about your pet’s safety and well-being!


Is Now the Right Time to Adopt?

Selecting the Right Pet


Grieving the Loss of Your Pet


Dogs and Puppies – Behavioral

Bark! Bark! Bark!




Dogs and Kids – Responsible Parenting

Dogs and Kids – What to Watch Out For

Dominance Issues

Fear of Thunder/Loud Noises

Separation Anxiety


Dogs and Puppies – House Training

Housetraining Puppies

Housetraining Troubleshooting

Odors and Stains

Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue (RMPR) is a group of hardworking fosters and volunteers who work to save the lives of unwanted animals in and around the Colorado area. We focus on the younger animals that, when dumped in a shelter, are often exposed to disease and experience lack of socialization, literally killing their chances at becoming balanced adult dogs.

To save unwanted shelter animals from kill lists and to spread the knowledge that adoption and spaying and neutering your animals at a young age SAVES LIVES!


We promote positive training and socialization and practice matching personalities of dogs and families to ensure fur-ever homes!

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