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Adoption Event FAQ

Q:  I saw a pup online, is it still available?

A:  Any dogs that were adopted at a weekend event will be taken off the website by Monday Night.


Q:  When will you have new puppies/dogs?

A:  New puppies/dogs are added all the time. We usually update the site on Thursdays.


Q:  How do you determine who gets what dog?

A:  When all things are equal between adopters’ applications, we will use our event sign-in sheet to determine who arrived first. Early arrival at our events helps but is not a guarantee of adoption approval. RMPR reserves the right to refuse adoption.


Q:  Are these pups purebred? Will you call us when you get a purebred in?

A:  RMPR does occasionally get purebred puppies and dogs. Most of our dogs/pups are mutts or MIXED breeds. If you want a purebred rescue, please search into and expand your search to surrounding states. RMPR does not have the ability to call each potential adopter.


Q:  Do I have to pay an adoption fee?

A:  RMPR is a nonprofit organization and runs on its adoption fees. We do not adopt for free, as then we cannot support our veterinary and travel (to save dogs from shelters across multiple states).

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