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Pre-Adoption Application

Understand that the needs of the animal come first – and as such we will be checking reference and may include a potential home visit as part of the adoption process. Our primary goal is to match up animals with living situations that are best suited for their long-term care. We appreciate your interest in our organization. This application does not guarantee adoption. By filling out this application you agree with and understand that ANY false information given will result in the immediate termination of your application.

Hello and Thank you for visiting our site.

PRIOR TO FILLING OUT AN APPLICATION please read the following:


Please ONLY fill out an application for a dog listed. Please do not fill out a general application we will not accept it and it will be voided.

Please if you applied in the past, re-apply as soon as you see a dog you would like to be considered for, do not email us or call us.


Please understand we have to do over the phone interviews and then once approved we will invite you to a one day a week adoption appointment.  We will contact you if we find a match. Please do not send us emails after you apply. We try and respond to each application but it is not always the case. If we find a match we will call you. Thank you.

Option 1: VIP Program

- If you have your heart set on one specific dog, you can select the VIP option to be interviewed by phone prior to the event. 

- If you are approved to adopt after the phone interview, we collect a non-refundable $50 VIP and set an appointment for a meet & greet with your pup of choice. 

- The appointment happens at 11:30 AM before we’re open to the public. This is the only way to guarantee you are able to secure a meet & greet with your pup of choice and be first in line to adopt them! 


Additionally, when you pay the VIP fee, we update the website to reflect that the dog has an adoption pending, and we do not consider any other applications for that dog. 


Option 2: Attend the event as a Walk-In

- We are open to the public from 12 PM to 3 PM every Saturday at the Petco in Denver (4100 E Mexico Ave, Suite E, Denver 80222). 

- You can let the front desk know that you filled an application out online, pick a few dogs to meet, and then you’ll be in line for a meet and greet. 

- If you are only coming to meet one dog, make sure you check the website prior to the event in case they already have an adoption pending. 


*Please note that completing an application does not guarantee an adoption.  We operate on a first come first serve basis, and all applications are subject to approval or denial at the discretion of Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue staff. Our priority is always the health, safety, and happiness of our animals.


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