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Meet February's
Pooch of the month


Nigel is a very curious puppy and loves to explore everything. He loves to play. He loves to meet new people and has done well with kids. He enjoys meeting and playing with other dogs. He started out a tiny thing but he was so spunky and full of energy and personality. He loves hanging out with my pack. He does great when it's time to eat. He will go straight to his spot, sit and just politely wait for his food. He will sit there the entire time I'm getting all the other food ready. I don't have a doggie door but he has learned to ring the bells at the back door when he wants to go outside. Overall Nigel is one of the sweetest and easiest puppies that we have ever fostered. He will make a great addition to any family but if he could put together the perfect family it would probably have a few people and another dog. Nigel is ready for adoption! Come meet your new best friend.

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RMPR spends between 

$10K and $12K

every month on veterinary costs

enter each year
7 million
are killed
each year
4 million

This is the number we as a rescue focus on

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You can help us save lives

Image by Wyatt Ryan

Our foster network is the lifeblood of the rescue. Fosters allow us to bring dogs and cats from high-kill shelters in surrounding states to find forever homes here in Colorado. Please consider opening your home to help animals in desperate need.
You can learn more information about fostering
on our Fosters page. 

Can't foster? Please consider making a donation. 

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