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RMPR and its supporters have played a HUGE part in helping rural shelters reduce their kill rates. Shelters like that in Valencia County, NM, where 93% of the dogs that entered never made it out. Together, with transfers, RMPR has helped to reduce their kill rate by almost 60%, and more than 6,000 animals have made it to safety.


Pueblo of Isleta is a great success example of the SPAY IT FORWARD program. As a SPAY IT FORWARD ALLIANCE partner they have hosted RMPR SPAY IT FORWARD clinics on their land since 2012. They have promoted this event and supported the program in many countless ways, and the results are tremendous. (see chart) Shelter drop-offs has reduced by hundreds of animals and the rate of suffering for their animals has plummeted. The number of sick pups and dogs and cats has also dramatically been reduced due to the vaccine clinics.  These successes are due to the support of the SPAY IT FORWARD ALLIANCE program. Along with Southwest Animal Rescue Fund, Colorado Area Rescue Express and the partner leader Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue, the reduction of unwanted animals and death has been greatly reduced on the Isleta Pueblo.


The SPAY IT FORWARD ALLIANCE is looking to replicate our success on the Isleta Pueblo by continuing our services.


We need to end the problem before it begins. Too many kittens and puppies are being born. Too many will never make it to rescue. There is still too much suffering. RMPR focuses on Valencia County, NM, as they need our help. Valencia County has more than 20% of their population below poverty level and there are not enough vets in that area that are willing to provide low cost services to the public, and as a result, there is a very high number of unfixed animals roaming. They need our help and we need your support.

For every 100 animals fixed we spend 8k


On average 150 animals are fixed at each clinic


To date number of animals fixed at SIF is 1016+
Spayed & Neutered
@ our clinics
and with vouchers
60 Animals in 2012
142 Animals in 2013
255 Animals in 2014
330 Animals in 2015
249+ Animals in 2016

Spay it Forward - Spay and Neuter Clinics


Since 2012, RMPR, along with your support and a donation from C.A.R.E. and SWARF, has successfully spayed and neutered over 1036 animals. These clinics are working. We provide life-saving vaccinations, microchips and end suffering of unwanted animals with subsidized spay neuter surgeries. Please consider a tax deductible donation to the SPAY IT FORWARD ALLIANCE.

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The numbers are working and the shelter in Valencia has seen a drop rate of intake of animals and they are killing a lower percentage due to space. Less animals coming in means less are getting sick from cross contamination, the positives are domino-ing. The Spay it Forward Alliance has being going strong since 2012 and we thank all of its supporters; Pueblo of Isleta, Pueblo of Santa Ana, Colorado Area Rescue Express, Southwest Animal Rescue Fund and individuals just like you! Together we can SAVE more!

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Please help us continue the save rate by contributing to this worthwhile cause.

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