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Post Adoption Info







Watch for the email on how to create a Wagtopia account that will allow you to update microchip information and get documents related to your adoption.  

Take your new puppy to your vet within the first 7 days after adoption. Bring a fresh poop sample with you for testing.

If you are changing your puppy’s food from what he/she was eating while in Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue’s care, please do so slowly so as not to upset your pup’s stomach. Utilize the outtake bag of food provided at your adoption during the transition. Read the nutrition paper in your folder and ALWAYS read the ingredient panel on the back of the dog food bag.

Crate training your puppy helps make potty training easy! Never use the crate as a place of punishment. Read how to successfully crate train your puppy found in your adoption folder.

Training your new puppy is an important part of the bonding process with your pet. Remember a trained dog is a loved dog!

PLEASE SEND UPDATES! You can send updates to our page on Facebook (Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue) or email to As a foster-based rescue, our fosters grow to love each puppy in their care and love to see them thriving in their forever homes! Check out some of our favorite success stories. Thank you for choosing to adopt and we hope that you have a long and healthy relationship with your new companion! We love receiving updates from all of our adopters throughout the puppy’s life!

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