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Aspen has been adopted!

Meet Aspen, our Puppy Bowl Player

Colorado’s own Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue will be featured in the 2020 Animal Planet Puppy Bowl. Aspen, an Australian Cattle Dog mix puppy, will be competing to win the CHEWY.COM “Lombarky” trophy. Born on May 15, 2019, Aspen and her 7 littermates were found in Gallup, New Mexico where their mother dug a hideout for them near the river and train tracks. They were transferred to Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue with their mother, Molly Mae at 1 week of age. They all grew big and strong in their foster homes. Aspen’s siblings have since found wonderful homes. Aspen will be available for adoption after Super Bowl Sunday.


Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue is the only rescue representing Colorado this year in the Puppy Bowl! Since August 2010, Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue’s mission is to save cats, kittens, puppies and adult dogs from being euthanized in overcrowded kill shelters. They place these rescues with foster families until they are adopted to their forever homes. They promote their mission through educating the general public about spaying and neutering their pets, proper exercise, feeding, grooming, training and always adopting first. Combined with their NM Spay It Forward Spay Neuter Program, their transfers and adoptions have brought over 8000 animals like Aspen to safety.

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Aspen will also be one of only 7 puppies to be featured in the Puppy Bowl’s behind the scenes “Pup Close and Personal” segments. Aspen’s segment was filmed on a trail in Estes Park, Colorado. In years past, 100% of the puppies and kittens that have participated in the Puppy Bowl have been adopted to loving families. Animal Planet continues this tradition this year with a new set of adorable animals that are ready to tumble and fumble into their new homes across the nation. While we will be sure to keep score of touchdowns and puppy penalties, these pups playing the game are sure to go big and go home - with their new loving forever adoptive families!


Tune in on Sunday February 2nd at 1pm MT to watch Aspen represent Colorado in Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XVI!

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