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About our dogs

All of our dogs come from kill shelters.  They were on a kill-list before we pulled them into RMPR.   The high majority of our dogs are mutts or mixed breeds and we know very little, if anything, about their parents or their exact breeds.  The exception to that is if we bring in the mother of the puppies as well.   Since we are a foster-based rescue, all of our dogs are placed in foster homes until they are adopted to their forever families.  We pull as many dogs as we have fosters for - fostering saves lives!


Most of our dogs come from New Mexico as their need is the greatest.  We also pull from shelters in Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Wyoming and Utah.


By adopting a dog from a rescue, you are saving 2 lives.  The dog that you take home and the spot that is made in rescue for another dog to be pulled from the kill list.

Adopt, don't shop
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