Bama and Shorty came into RMPR with their mom and 7 other litter mates in October of 2019 when they were just about a week old. Immediately upon bringing this adorable little family into the rescue we noticed that not only was mama Margot underweight and showing signs of illness, but her puppies were in rough shape too. Their foster family hit the ground running caring for Margot and the puppies around the clock! Soon Margot and her puppies were healthy, strong, and ready for their forever homes. While Margot and seven of her puppies each found wonderful families of their own, there are still two very special pups left: Shorty and Bama.


Shorty, being the runt of the litter had a rough go at first nearly losing her life. If it wasn’t for the quick and diligent actions of her foster family she wouldn’t have made it. Luckily after some TLC Shorty began to gain weight and show off her spunky personality! She is sweet, curious, a quick learner, absolutely gorgeous, and a master of giving “puppy eyes”. While Shorty has a lot to learn she is working hard to become a well rounded pup! 


Bama may be blind, but that won’t stop him from getting as much out of life as he can! When Bama began opening his eyes as a young puppy, his foster started to notice that they didn’t look quite right. It was soon discovered that his eyes hadn’t formed correctly, rendering him completely blind. Did that stop him from playing, wrestling, and romping around with his litter mates? Of course not! Bama is a big goofball that wants nothing more but to be loved on and played with all day long. While he acts like a normal puppy most of the time, he is going to need a lot of special training and a patient household to help him along the way. 


We are looking to adopt Bama and Shorty out as a pair! A home with experience in training and owning a blind dog would be ideal. Since they are still learning their people manners, and since Bama does best in calm, quiet environments we are looking for a home with no young children (only kids 10 years and up). Both Bama and Shorty are working on potty training and other basic commands as well. Contact us if you’d like to fill out an application for them!


** There will be a mandatory home visit in order to be considered a possible home for Bama and Shorty. **

BAMA (male/neutered) German Shepherd/Retriever mix, 3 1/2 months old.

SHORTY (female/spayed) German Shepherd/Retriever mix, 3 1/2 months old.

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