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Tails of a Foster Parent

Three tips for a new foster pawrent…

  1. Patience. While many of these rescue puppies instantly fit right in like a missing puzzle piece, it doesn’t always happen that way. Some are shy and they need time to trust you before they’ll show their personality or become affectionate. Some might need more guidance on how to be a house dog than others. But they’re ALL good dogs deep down. So please give them the patience they need, whether that’s just a little bit or whole lot!

  2. Treats. Did someone say treats?! Yelling at a puppy won’t get you the results you want when trying to train. But you know what will? A tasty, healthy, high value (but also tiny) snack anytime they behave the way you want! As soon as they potty outside/sit/etc, celebrate and praise them with a happy tone and a training treat. You’ll be amazed how quickly positive results follow.

  3. Keep your “why” in the front of your mind. The goodbyes may be hard, but YOU helped save their life! I promise that even if there’s some heartache, it will heal and you’ll love your next foster puppy just as much as the first Without reliable fosters, we wouldn’t be able to continue to save lives and you are making such a tremendous impact.

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