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1 year 1 month old
Domestic Shorthair
Truffle is a sweet girl looking for her purr-ever home! Truffle has exhibited signs showing that she isn't looking for a typical indoor cat home but would be better suited for a working cat and/or an indoor/outdoor life. Her personality can be best described as intermittently friendly or feisty; She is interested in quick, gentle pets but doesn't enjoy too much interaction with humans and her attitude toward being handled varies. Truffle appreciates being around us for some time and playing with wand toys but would prefer a life with more freedom and environmental stimulation offered by a working cat lifestyle. Truffle is hot/cold with our resident cats, not pleased when they get too close to her but doesn't mind them being around the house, so we believe she would most prefer to be the only cat or be okay to be around one other friendly but ambivalent cat after a proper introduction. We are unsure about dogs. She eats/drinks well and has no issue with the litter box.


Foster Home

Foster Home

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