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4 ½ months old
Retriever/Shepherd Mix
ittle Donna is the sweetest, cutest!! She’s slowly but surely warming up to life outside a kennel. She has started cuddling, likes her belly scratched, and she plays with toys on her own. Once placed in a loving home we have no doubt she will open up and be the best little dog there ever was. She is currently very cautious around people, but has never growled, is not protective of food or treats, just a puppy who wants to feel loved. She enjoys being outside and enjoys her kennel as well. She’s been doing well going potty outside too! Whoever takes home this sweet puppy will be the luckiest! Little Donna will warm up to the right person and will be an incredible partner and family member. Currently, she’s really timid and when we put the leash on her she refuses to walk. This shouldn’t last long.

Adoption Event

Petco Denver

4100 E Mexico Avenue, Suite E, Denver, CO, 80222

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