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3 ½ months old
Retriever/dachshund mix
Tato is a LOVER! He is always alway SO happy to see you and his tail never stops wagging. He likes to sit on your lap and get all the pets! Don't let him being mixed with a smaller breed (or his short legs) fool you, this boy is athletic and will need regular exercise. He is currently just over 10lbs at 2.5 months old so he won't be a small small dog. He is an energetic boy who loves to play with other dogs smaller and larger than him. Tato can be vocal when he's left alone and doesn't want to be so he would not be a good fit for apartment living where he is left alone often or for long periods of time. He settles down in his puppy pen with his other siblings and sleeps quietly through the night, it only takes a little bit for him to calm down. He is being free fed right now and is good at grazing when he wants food. He shares toys well with all of his foster siblings. He is working on his potty training and like any puppy will need positive reinforcement and consistency to master this skill. If you want a little shadow to follow you around and brighten your day - Tato is your man!

Adoption Event

Petco Denver

4100 E Mexico Avenue, Suite E, Denver, CO, 80222

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