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2 ½ months old
Aussie Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix
Oboe is a totally chill little dude who is 100% happy to just go with the flow. When it is time to eat, he digs in with gusto. When it is time to play, he is as active and rambunctious as any doggo. When it is time to cuddle, he can hang with that. When it is time for bed, he snuggles in and sleeps through the night. He is starting to learn some basic behaviors and seems very eager to learn. Oboe is working on his potty training with a potty pad and so far has learned that he needs to return to the pad in his playpen to go potty, even when in the middle of a play session with his sister. He is a curious little guy and seems intent on finding the best play to hide for a good nap.

Adoption Event

Petco Denver

4100 E Mexico Avenue, Suite E, Denver, CO, 80222

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