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5 months old
Retriever/Shepherd Mix
Jackie is a sweetheart. We like to call her Nala because she looks like a little lion!! She loves to play and run as fast as her little legs can take her, but also is big on snuggling and getting nice and comfy in her bed. She is doing pretty well with potty training, and has been going to the bathroom outside pretty consistently, but it will need to be continued to solidify her good habits. She does like to nibble when she plays, but we’ve been trying to work on her to stop that, so no bad habits are formed, but nothing malicious or aggressive - she just needs to keep working on it. She just gets too excited to run around and play! She's a sweet baby and can’t wait to find her forever home.

Adoption Event

Petco Denver

4100 E Mexico Avenue, Suite E, Denver, CO, 80222

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