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1 year 8 month old
Laika is as pretty as she is feisty! She’s a sweetie and loves to follow everyone around the house. If she feels left out or that she’s being ignored, she won’t hesitate to loudly voice her concerns! She’s still warming up to the dogs in the home (she will need a SLOW introduction to any dog in the home, especially if they are high energy), and she doesn’t really care for the other cat. When their paths cross, she is cordial, but a fast friendship was not in the cards for them. She is very respectful of the plants in the home and does not try to dig in the soil or rip the leaves off. She also has no interest in the fishbowl which is a huge plus.
She is playful, litter box trained, and loves to cuddle and sleep with her human. She would be the perfect fit to anyone looking to add a little beauty to their home, she is as adaptable as she is stunning!


Foster Home

Foster Home

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