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3 year 1 month old
Brucie is a sweet, loving, affectionate and gentle cat. He knows how to use the litter box and he did not have an accident or claw anything when I was fostering him. He would follow me around the house and lay at my feet while I was at my computer working. He would come to greet and see me when I would get home from anywhere. He loves snuggles, scratches, pets, looking out the window and most of all to be with his human(s). He was good with my daughter and my male and female friends who came to visit. He was also good with my two large dogs, he did his thing and let them do theirs. He is a fabulous cat, a really good guy, and he would be an awesome companion. We absolutely fell in love with him, but due to my personal circumstances I cannot have another permanent pet. Please adopt him and give him the wonderful and loving home he deserves.


Petco Denver

4100 E Mexico Ave suite e, Denver, CO 80222, USA

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