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1 year 2 month old
Shepherd mix
Xanders forever family is out there and we know it! Adoption events are not his favorite, and he is his best self outside of them. His foster has graciously offered to do a meet and greet outside of an event if you’re interested in meeting this special boy! He still attends events, he’s just his best self outside of them.

Xander is the sweetest boy that will thrive in a home that will help him build his confidence, provide him lots of outlets to learn and play, and give him the patience to feel secure and protected. Xander LOVES being around his pack (two other male pups) and has been a great addition to his foster family. He continues to learn good leash skills and will benefit from additional training with leash reactivity - off leash, he meets other dogs wonderfully! It’s just that on a leash he feels a little trapped so building his confidence will help. He’s already improving thanks to his fosters! Lots of walks, hikes, and positive reinforcement (treats!) have been key. Xander is truly a special guy with LOTS of love to give (#1 snuggle buddy). A home that can provide him the security, structure and patience to allow him to grow into the best version of himself will be key to long-term success and happiness for all. We hope you see in him what we do!

Adoption Event

Petco Denver

4100 E Mexico Avenue, Suite E, Denver, CO, 80222

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